Free Wi-Fi for Ruthin

We recently announced plans to provide a free Wi-Fi network for limited use around Ruthin. As a privately funded endeavour we have received a lot of interest so we’d like to share with you the answers to questions from the Free Press article.

Why have you decided to set up free Wi-Fi?

Vale WISP feels that free Wi-Fi is beneficial in modernising a town centre and giving Ruthin
more of an online presence.

What benefit will it have to people in the town?

The Wi-Fi will be free to use for all in Ruthin. Many locals have expressed disappointment at the current system simply because they are not allowed to use it! It is only available to visitors during office hours and requires paper tickets to be issued. Our system is for everyone: both residents and tourists. Currently the existing Wi-Fi is non-functional.

Will it benefit Ruthin businesses?

Offering Free Wifi within a business such a cafe is a proven method for attracting recurring custom, particularly when superfast broadband is not yet available in a large amount of Denbighshire (another sector Vale WISP is shortly launching a solution to). When people connect to our free Wi-Fi, customers are presented with a map of Ruthin, detailing all the things to do, places to eat, opening times, other tourist information, and links to relevant Ruthin based information websites. There are also advert spots on this page which are reserved for businesses who host one of our small hotspot radios (which broadcasts our W-Fi). We estimate that around 300 people will connect to our system and see these adverts daily. However, we have the capacity for thousands to connect at once, which will be beneficial for large events such as Gwyl Ruthin, a week long music and arts festival in Ruthin.

How can people log in?

When one enters Ruthin, they will be able to connect to our Wi-Fi without a password on any Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Once connected, they will be presented with a landing page which includes things to do, places to eat, opening times, other tourist information, and links to relevant Ruthin based information websites. Users will be able to navigate Ruthin on the map and plan their day using this resource.

How fast is the Wi-Fi?

We are giving every user speeds of up to 50Mbps, meaning that even the most bandwidth-heavy tasks such as steaming 4K films is possible. We cannot guarantee these speeds throughout Ruthin, however. Vale WISP home and business Broadband offers a guaranteed 80Mbps connection throughout Denbighshire, regardless of whether or not you can access Openreach Fibre.

Does it come at a cost to Vale WISP?

This system comes at great cost to us, however, we see this undertaking as an opportunity to demonstrate how a system like this is so beneficial to the local community and our tourism industry. It’s also an example of how modernising and reinvigorating a medieval town such as Ruthin is made easier with technology such as that which we provide. We are actively seeking financial assistance from local authorities and private individuals to help offset our costs and provide an even better experience and help keep our system up to date as possible. To enquire further please email

More information about this service will be available soon – please note that as this is not government backed, the rollout for this service is subject to our current private and commercial commitments.