Recently, North Wales has been let down by a large cable and broadband provider and all of us know people and businesses who have suffered as a result. Students, businesses, and residents of North Wales all rely on fibre broadband to keep their homework complete, business rolling, and the latest Netflix series watched… But what if you can’t get fibre? What if fibre is too expensive?

That’s where we step in!

We are a WISP (Wireless Internet Service provider). We use wireless technology to deliver super-fast speeds to your premises without the need for fibre and the line rental which goes with it.

How do we do it?

Our head office located in Ruthin plays host to a highspeed fibre connection comprising of over 30 leased lines. That highspeed connectivity is then wirelessly distributed across North Wales to our clients via our own infrastructure enabling us to provide a stable and secure connection at fibre speeds to locations well outside of cabled areas.

This is known as a point-to-multipoint network and this technology eliminates the need for hundreds of kilometres of cable and reduces the need for additional service providers and enables us to operate more affordably and with fewer possible points of failure than any other network.

If you order our broadband, an engineer will pop around to your house, install a 7” dish, and plugs it into your existing home router to provide your house with wifi or one of our skilled engineers will assess your requirements and provide recommendations of equipment which can be sourced through us to ensure a stable connection is available throughout your home or place of work.

We’re frequently updating our coverage, if you’d like to know more about our availability in your area or request an assessment for your area to be included within our network, then please get in touch.